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    Saw The Hobbit

    I didn't know what to expect really. I did know that they added a lot of the material from the appendices of the LOTR books to the movie and imagined that they had to embellish some things to stretch the book out to three movies.

    I really enjoyed it and thought it was done very well.



    They created a new antagonist for Thorin -basically a giant white orc that killed Thorin's father. Thorin got pissed and cut off his arm... Other orcs carried him away and Thorin figured that he was dead.... Nope he comes after them....

    The New stuff for Radagast was ok. A bit silly really - I mean riding around a a dog sled that is pulled by big rabbits is a bit but it was entertaining. Also a bit odd about half of his head was covered in bird shit....

    Probably the thing that bothered me the most was Thorin's beard. He barely had a beard - it just didn't seem very dwarf like.

    Bifur has a goblin axe head lodged in his skull and it makes him a bit odd. Basically the dwarfs were a lot of comic relief....A lot more funny stuff than the LOTR movies. The one dwarf had a hearing trumpet and when they were at rivendell he didnt like the elf music so he plugged it up.

    I liked the riddle contest and the Goblin king and Cave Troll segments were well done.

    For those wondering.... SUPER SPOILER

    the movie ends right after the eagles save the party....

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    This movie was a lot funnier/goofier than the LOTR movies but then, the Hobbit was more of a children's book/classic adventure story and less of an epic like Lord of the Rings, so that makes sense.

    I thought it was well done. My only real criticism was that I felt like the dwarves arriving at Bilbo's and the dinner party took way too long. I know they need to establish all the characters and the quest but that segment felt like one 45 minute long scene.

    I haven't read the books in a while so I had some trouble remembering what was added and what I had just forgotten. I knew the white orc was new, but I had forgotten about the storm giants. I think Radagast's rabbit sled might actually have been mentioned somewhere in one of the books/appendices, but I could also be making that up. The Eagles were an addition right? I don't remember them showing up in the Hobbit.

    I'm not sure how they're going to make 3 movies out of this. Two films made sense to me once they indicated they were going to include
    the Mirkwood/Necromancer stuff and tie it into the LOTR films,
    but I'm not sure how they're going to stretch it for another 6 hours, even with all the added shit.

    Oh, and Martin Freeman is fantastic as Bilbo.

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    the eagles were in the hobbit. The birds should have flown them to the Lonely Mountain and saved them a big walk

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    I also saw it yesterday, and I loved it.

    The part of me that's a fan of the novel wanted to hate it, since what I loved about the novel was that it was a single, self contained story within a massive world and history, that never bothered with context or lore, and just focused on their adventure. This loses that feel by putting so much more middle earth story into it, but it still is incredibly enjoyable. It's excellent in its own way, separate from the novel.

    Martin Freeman is brilliant, as are many of the other actors. His scene with Gollum is perfectly done, with so much done with facial excpressions from both of them telling the story that's not outright said.

    Also, I didn't see it in the higher frame rate, so I'm going to see it again to compare And I really wish I had, since 24fps 3D looks awful as soon as anything starts moving moderately quickly.

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    I saw it on Saturday and I thought it was really good. Not as good as any of the LotR movies, but still pretty good. I agree with pretty much everything Vegeta said (something about Kakarotto being arrogant in thinking he could defeat a true Saiyan or something like that).

    I did keep feeling that the novel could do well for being more simple since that's one of the things the novel really benefits from. The Lord of the Rings novels are super complicated, so the movies being complicated is a good thing and, even then, they tend to leave out a lot. With the Hobbit, the book is relatively simple, so they had to add a ton of stuff from the appendices to make it two films. I really don't see how they're going to get it to three movies honestly. The first film ends right around the middle of the novel.

    Overall, a pretty good movie, but I have the same complaints that Vegeta did (like how Kakarotto's power level was off the chart or something like that).

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    A girl I know who's a serious tolkien nut (she has an elvish script tatoo, no less) was FURIOUS with this movie, and specifically pointed to "hot dwarves" and "a sleigh pulled by bunnies." This kind of worries me.

    I remember the cartoon version from my childhood, and thinking it was quite good. And the book, especially the copy I have with Tolkien's illustrations (I think - I'll have to check, but it's gorgeously illustrated) is awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    "hot dwarves"
    Did you give her Dave's number?

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    I thought Martin Freeman's performance was a bit lacking. I mean, not that he didn't capture the role of a hobbit who didn't want an adventure, who was rather pushed into one... it's just that... THAT is Martin Freeman's role in several of his pictures.

    He played the same character in Hitchhiker's Guide, and in BBC's Sherlock.

    For me, it was like seeing Aurthur Dent portraying Bilbo Baggins. A bit distracting, I guess...

    But, by and large, I really enjoyed the film.

    I turned to my wife, and gave her a, "is this seriously happening?" look when the guy took off on his bunny-driven sled . But besides that, it was done pretty well, and I'll be excited to see the next one.

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