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Thread: Vampire Hunter D Book Series

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    Vampire Hunter D Book Series

    I just pulled the trigger on the first novel. It sounds likes something I'd enjoy, what with the nukes, the vampires, and the violence and such.

    Anyone else reading these and or the manga/anime/movies?
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    I didn't know they had been translated into English, but I've read the first two novels in Japanese. Haven't read them for a long time (I think I read the first one about 10 years ago), but I still have one of the books in my apartment. Altogether there are something like 30 books in the series. Probably more by now.

    They were entertaining, but I kinda wished he's taken the concept further. It was such an over-the-top crazy concept that had so much potential for more badass kickassness of glory. It's what? The year 10,000 AD, I think. The whole world is ruled by vampire aristocracy now. Lots of potential for awesomeness. I do remember really liking the universe the series was set in.

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