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Thread: Dexter Season 8

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    Dexter Season 8

    .... Is fucking terrible. I can't put how bad it is into words, but luckily a reddit thread has done it for me.

    bigbrasscasket comments on The Official "Dexter Sucks Now And Has Gone Downhill" Thread

    Turned the show into a fucking nonsensical soap opera?

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    It jumped the shark like 3 seasons ago, but for some reason I keep watching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hulk Krogan View Post
    It jumped the shark like 3 seasons ago, but for some reason I keep watching.
    I'm in it just to see how terrible the ending will be...

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    I loved every season up until this one, with the best being the Trinity season. I still like this season, but watching it side by side with Breaking Bad's last season, it's blindingly obvious that they are in no way building tension for the finale. With Breaking Bad, it feels like everything's happening and I can't wait to see how it's going to end, and how quickly it's going to end. Dexter is more like "Oh shit, only two episodes left, huh? How the hell are they going to pull out a good ending here?"

    I'm really worried that the show's going to end with Dexter killing whatshisname, Deb and Quinn being happy together, and Dexter and Hannah moving to Argentina and being happy.

    I will eat my words and take back everything I've said about this season if they manage to pull out an ending I didn't expect. If everything gets flipped upside down and ends with the show actually saying something, I'll be amazed. Right now it just seems like they've settled into "moral grey guess killing's ok sometimes...whatever."

    I mean, maybe they're trying to make the audience see things from Dexter's perspective by making us feel nothing at all

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    I watched the first few seasions, then lost interest after the Trinity stuff. I caught back up though, and here's what I want to happen:

    Harrison or Debra somehow die, Dexter loses his shit, and goes full out serial killer and kills Hanna. Maybe while she's all like "I'm still here for you bebeh! I will help you get through this" and Dex is all like "Fuck that! emotions are for vaginas!". Then like I said, he goes full serial killer with no code, and just fucking kills people. And that's the last we hear.

    If that happened, I would bow down.

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    He better go to prison or get killed in the last episode.

    I love Dexter, but so far this season has been pretty sluggish. I still watch it every week.

    If you want to compare them, I'd say that I prefer the first 2 seasons of Dexter to the first 2 seasons of Breaking Bad, but the current season of Breaking Bad is so much more entertaining than the current season of Dexter.

    This season, however, is not my least favorite Dexter season. That would be season 3 which was just indescribably boring and stupid.

    That last episode better be good.

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    I am waiting for both dexter and bb to finale, then i will watch the seasons in one shot.
    2 of my favorite shows ever.

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    Yeah this season really sucks. I'm not really digging the whole doctor woman who helped create Dexter's "code." I mean adding that character does fit with the whole story, but her character is just not doing it for me. Not only that, the episodes are pretty lame this season.

    Side note. I thought for sure the show was going to get a little weird two seasons ago, by Dexter and his hot step sister hooking up. I thought for sure it was going to happen.

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