First Godzilla teaser/trailer released

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Thread: First Godzilla teaser/trailer released

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    First Godzilla teaser/trailer released

    Godzilla Trailer

    Good to see they went back to the older Toho-style face where he looks like he's got a bit more snarl to him, despite the Kingoji style being most recognizable of the lot. Bryan Cranston's gonna be a big role in it, as will Ken Wantanabe (as least given his title I assume he will be) so this should kick-ass provided they don't over-saturate it with other monsters for him to try and tackle (see: all current super-hero movies)

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    Fuck yes.

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    Fuck, yes!

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    ...fuck yes.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Fuck. Yes.

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    Yes fuck.
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    They were among the best movies ever.

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    Fuck yes!

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