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    Richard K Morgan

    So I've been reading Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan. It's a very interesting sci-fi / cyberpunk type of story, and though I love the actual story, Morgan's writing style doesn't feel like it flows all that well. I'm about 80 pages out from finishing the book, and I like the story so much I purchased Thirteen and one other of his to give a go after I finish, but I just found his action-first, details-later type of writing to be a read that isn't as fun as most other books I usually read.

    Anyone else check this book out?

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    I've read all three of the Kovacs series. His writing is a bit rough, and the stories are a bit pulpy, but all entertaining.

    If you want a roughly similar type of book but much better written, check out "The Forever War". If you just want fantastically written hard-ish sci-fi check out "A Fire Upon the Deep".

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    a great story/ idea hampered by hamfisted writing and poor characters. The book had so many things that I usually love in sci fi but managed to not pull anything off with it.
    Stil it did have a few great action scenes.

    A lot of people get turned off as it is written in first person but can you really do a noir detective story not set in first person

    If you want good Pulpy Cyber punk / Detective check out the Marīd Audran books by George Alec Effinger

    When Gravity Fails
    A Fire in the Sun
    The Exiles Kiss

    As a runner up I would ad in 2XS by Nigel Findley (tho this is a work of Shadowrun Fiction, Shadowrun being a P&P RPG mixing cyberpunk elves, dwarfs and orcs.)
    He has a few other books set in the Shadowrun universe that are also pretty decent.

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