Anyone watching Hannibal?

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Thread: Anyone watching Hannibal?

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    Anyone watching Hannibal?

    It's well into Season 2 right now, and I'm absolutely adoring every bite of it. It's got a really amazing cast, and I think that's part of why I'm loving it so much, because I think Mads Mikkelsen is an absolutely terrific Hannibal Lecter, he seems so much more calm and calculated than Anthony Hopkins was. In fact, one of my biggest bones to pick with the movies post-Silence of the Lambs was how over the top camp Hopkins went, he was a pantomime villain. Mikkelsen is way more believable as a calculating and manipulative serial killer.

    Same goes for Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, so much better than Ed Norton's performance in Red Dragon. I like Norton, but sometimes he just phones in a performance, and that was one of them.

    The show has just introduced Mason Verger and his sister Margot (who was completely cut from the movie Hannibal) so I'm really interested to see how they handle things as the seasons progress.

    Anyone else watching it?
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    My wife and I watch it. I'm just curious where they can go with the story overall.
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    I tried to watch the first season, saw at least half of it, but I couldn't stand it.

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    Just finished season 1. The vocal chord cellist was one of the most "metal" things I've seen on TV

    Fantastic show. Totally agree with you on Mads Mikkelsen vs. Hopkins.
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    Its such an awesome show - and the plot is going some weird directions.

    the production values are superb, teeters on arthouse at times.

    The only thing I'm not so hot on is some of the odd "blurring out genitals" and curious absence of course language. That can shatter the disbelief at times.... I

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