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Thread: My paint work (pic heavy)

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    My paint work (pic heavy)

    There was a bit of interest in some of my paint work from my guitar thread so i figured id put a fresh one here.

    I'm a custom painter full time now, after walking after from my digital arts career of 17 years. If it sits still long enough i pretty much will paint it for ya. The pay is shit and the hours are long, but id do this any day over my old office jobs. and my own hours don't hurt

    Here's some of my more latest works, there's a bunch of pics, so enjoy!

    This is one of my favorite projects. just about every inch of this bike was custom painted... tins, frame, bars, hardware, even put skulls and faces inside the rear wheel.

    Goalie mask and wall mural for a local vape store. The wall mural is 12 feet x 20 feet

    HD Sportster Tank

    Bat skull on a silver fender

    I love painting on wood panels, and i love skulls and superheros and people seem to love getting them as presents for people it just makes ironman look classier!

    These are from a series of larger sized canvas's (23x36 and 16x30 for these 2) i'm currently working on.

    Thats all, thanks for looking!

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    Wow, those are pretty damn awesome!
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    Those are stunning! You are incredibly talented!

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    Looks awesome dude, I love the skulls and superheroes

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    No wizard with a dragon curled around his feet while standing on a mountain of skulls?

    Awesome stuff!
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    Jesus fucking're good at painting.
    I want a storm trooper on a guitar

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    Freaking nice work! Love the Stormtrooper!
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    Kickin' ass dude!
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