Well, as of about 2 or so hours ago, it is now the day after

Girlfriend never used her laptop any more (aka, always uses mine - an '06 macbook) and decided she wanted a nice all-in-one desktop. Lo and behold, we now have a sweet iMac.

So yeah, after school discounts and rebates, it only cost $50 more to get the 24" screen over the 20" (we went with the 2.66ghz processor, considering we're not professionals in, well, anything graphic or gaming-oriented haha). However, this thing's screen is FUCKING HUGE. Makes me wonder what the hell we'll do with our 46" tv, cause this and that in the same room may look weird once we rearrange things.

Nevertheless, this think kicks ass and is loads faster than my current macbook. Plus, it fits perfectly on our desk and takes up virtually no room with the tiny keyboard (comfy, actually) and mouse. big screen, but still leaves a ton of desk area . Cheers to importing my itunes music and eventually putting Adobe Creative Suite on here! Sleep begs me, but I deny its needs right now.