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Thread: My Mac Pro arrived (tech stuff inside)...

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    My Mac Pro arrived (tech stuff inside)...

    I got my Mac Pro delivered last week as an upgrade to my 2006 24" iMac and have spent the last few days installing hardware, installing sample libraries and transferring my files off of the old iMac (which is currently being sold).

    Holy s*** this thing is a monster I'm still waiting for a couple of the VelociRaptor drives to be delivered but here's what my spec looks like:

    - October 2008 build Apple Mac Pro
    - Intel Xeon 5400 - 8-Core (2 x 4-Core) 2.8ghz processors,
    - 12 gigs ECC PC2-6400 Quad-channel server RAM,
    - 4 x 150gig WD VelociRaptor 10,000 RPM SATA II drives,
    - 1 x 640gig WD Caviar Black,
    - 1 x 320gig WD Caviar Blue,
    - 1 x 250gig Lacie d2 Extreme,
    - Nvidia GeForce 8800GT 512mb Graphics Card,
    - AirPort Extreme Wireless

    The Mac pro itself is built like a tank, it's completely aluminum and is very heavy. The use of sliding drive bays inside the machine make installing hard drives very easy, and removable RAM mounts make installing memory equally as easy. The specs obviously speak for themselves in terms of performance, this machine is hugely powerful!

    I know there's some experienced computer users on here so i'll quickly detail why i chose the hard drive config i did. I built the computer with the heavy use of orchestral sample libraries in mind (for my final year degree project and after) hence podding out for the four new super-quick VelociRaptor drives (i'm not using a RAID setup as there would be no speed benefit from RAID-0 when using sample libraries on this sort of system). The Mac Pro houses 4 SATAII drives internally, and 2 eSATA drives in external enclosures. Internally, OSX has it's own dedicated boot raptor, which houses nothing other than the operating system and applications. The other three raptors are read-only drives which hold my various sample libraries i.e. Synthogy, East West, Toontrack etc.

    All of my everyday files such as movies, music, pictures and documents are stored on the WD 320gig eSATA drive, and the 640gig enterprise grade WD Caviar is my backup eSATA drive for its reliability...the main idea is obviously to keep the main system (i.e. boot and sample raptors) free from any clutter, and house my everyday stuff on separate drives to keep seek and read times minimal when composing.

    As a bonus, I can now play new computer games, which is a first for me having always had sub-par gaming machines (my iMac had a poor graphics card)


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    That, sir, is all sorts of epic win.

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    Holy fuck, I am totally jealous. Killer system.
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    Jealous indeed! That thing is a beast, congrats!
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    good lord you paid for that in the UK? I feel sorry for you man that must have been horrendous, Anyway nice to hear that you're enjoying it

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    Congrats sir, my Mac Pro isn't as specced out as that (4GB ram, but does have 1.75 terrabytes of space), but its a damn fine machine and I love it

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    holy crap thats an amazing system! 8 cores! i'm terribly jealous, i've only got 2

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