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Thread: Bought a 360 today!

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    Bought a 360 today!

    I am now the proud owner of a brand spanking new 60GB XBOX 360. All they had at the store was an NHL 09 bundle (the game was put up for sale within minutes of me getting home, so at least I basically got the console for slightly cheaper than normal), so I couldn't afford any games yet. I'm quite impressed with it so far. I now own all three current consoles, and they are all awesome.

    There are some annoying things about the 360, though. First of all, no wifi? Even my DS has wifi! Not a big problem, though. Another minor annoyance is that the controllers don't have rechargeable batteries. Not a big deal, since I have plenty of those around, anyway. Much worse is the fact that I had to do something pretty drastic to get analog audio with HDMI video. The 360 AV cables cannot be plugged in while an HDMI cable is plugged in. Guess why? The connector is too big! So I cracked the plastic part of the connector open to make it fit, and now it works great. I can't understand why they designed it that way, since the console outputs analog sound when HDMI is used anyway.

    Oh well, can't wait to get some games soon!

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    Yeah the HDMI issue is fucking retarded
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    You can actually buy a wireless NIC for the 360. I just plug mine in though.

    You up on XBL yet?
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    Did it not come with an adapter to use analog audio aswell as HDMI? My elite did :S Yeah, they do the wireless dongle efforts for around £60 over here, bit expensive,. Rechargeable batteries you can buy for about £15 with the charger lead and £10 per solo battery pack after that. Add me on live when you get up an running man. Just use my name on here


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    Already got Live, my tag is AlecSea. What do you guys play?

    Yeah, the Elite comes with the AV adapter, which would be completely useless if they'd designed the standard AV cable differently.

    I really like the controller, it's very comfortable. For some reason, it reminds me of the Dreamcast pad. The d-pad could be better, and the shoulder buttons feel a little mushy, but otherwise it's an excellent controller

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    I've been playing Mass Effect for the past few days, and I love it! I hope I can finish it before tuesday, or Fallout 3 will have to wait some more.

    A few more observations about the console...

    The DVD drive is insanely loud! I can't wait for the new Dashboard update so I can copy games I play a lot to the harddrive and get rid of that damned noise.

    I like the fact that it scales everything to the resolution I chose in the settings. I use a PC monitor with the console, and 1080p (even if it's just upscaled) looks a bit sharper than 720p.

    I haven't gotten round to adding any of you guys on Live, but I will soon. I downloaded the COD 5 multiplayer beta, and although I didn't like the game, I was impressed with how smooth Live is (at 60€ a year, it better be)

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    I love Mass Effect as well. I can't wait for the sequel. Here are some recommendations for you, based on my tastes in games and the tastes of a lot of my friends:

    The Orange Box
    Assassin's Creed
    Ninja Gaiden Black (original Xbox game, looks amazing on the 360)
    Ninja Gaiden 2
    Madden 09
    NBA 2K9
    Dark Sector (single-player campaign is incredible, but multi-player sucks)
    Halo 3
    Call of Duty 4
    Beautiful Katamari
    Lost Planet
    Soul Calibur 4

    Oh, and avoid Mega Man 9 like the plague. It's impossibly difficult, to the point of absolute frustration. I've been playing for a month and still can't kill Concrete Man.

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