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    Attention Palm

    Fuck you I'm on my 4th Pre, I thought this one was the most solid. I was pretty wrong. Today, it took less than a 1ft drop, in its soft case, and now the screen no longer turns on. The 4th fucking phone. The first one the earpiece died. The 2nd and 3rd the speakerphone speaker. Come the fuck on! FUCK YOU! I spent a hefty amount of money on this damned phone, more than any phone I've ever owned, and it's a piece of fuck! I'm raising some serious hell with the Store Manager tomorrow, and hoping I can get him to give me a damned Samsung Moment. I'd much rather have an 800mhz Android phone, even if it's only on OS 1.5 currently.

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    I'm still on my first, and I haven't really had any problems. Slight oreo effect, but that's it. It gets dropped about a foot and a half every now and then (fucking cats ) and it's still solid.

    Though I do see where the hardware could easily fail for others.

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    Wow... that really sucks, man.

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    I've never had a phone in my life and not needed it replaced, however, they've never been manufacturing faults, my last phone and current 2 have never died through any fault other than my own. My last was an N95 8gb, now I have a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, and a Nokia E71 for work, the work phone hasn't had a problem full stop, the other 5800 I had go buried somewhere in a Meshuggah pit at Donington (which had pics of me and Justin Foley from KSE on and the drummer from Shinedown) And the N95 had water damage, all were replaced within 24 hours of my claim on my phone insurance. I love Vodafone for that reason especially.


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