Sony Surveys Customers on Subscription PSN Service

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Thread: Sony Surveys Customers on Subscription PSN Service

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    Sony Surveys Customers on Subscription PSN Service

    Sony Surveys Customers on Subscription PSN Service - IndustryGamers

    In a copy of a Sony survey sent to Kotaku, the company hinted what a PSN subscription service could encompass. Extra features could include credits for online purchases, online data storage, reward programs, a variety of social features, and Hulu TV and Netflix features. Also listed are full time trials where users can play PS3 games for an hour and access PSOne Classic titles, PSP minis, and premium themes. Cross-game voice chat, a long anticipated feature, was also mentioned as something offered up to subscribers. Four different plans were detailed, three costing $69.99 a year or $9.99 a month and one set at $4.99 a month and $29.99 a year
    $69.99 a year? Holy shit.

    Admittedly I haven't used my PS3 a whole lot. But I can't believe that Cross Game voice chat STILL isn't available (the original XBOX Live had that); and Sony is considering making it a subscription service.

    Well at least they'll still have somewhat of a basic free service. But I wouldn't be surprised if they follow M$'s business model that their basic service (Live "Silver") so stripped down that it's pretty much useless.
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    $69.99 a year/$9.99 a month or $5 a month and $30 a year. Not $69.99 a month, that's too crazy even for Sony

    Honestly, I don't own a PS3, so I have no experience with the online aspect of the console... but you better have some damn nice stuff to offer with the ultra-premium service since you can get a year of XBL for $30 if you wait for one of the many deals that happen every so often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    $69.99 a year/$9.99 a month or $5 a month and $30 a year. Not $69.99 a month, that's too crazy even for Sony
    DOH!!! read my post before I finished editing it.

    Still $69.99 a year is too much IMHO, and it sets a dangerous precedence. Because once Sony gets away with that pricing. You already know what M$ is going to do...

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    I dunno if they bundle in things like Qore with it it would be pretty decent i think.

    10 bucks a month isn't any big deal really. All of the online stuff does take bandwith and hardware so it is only natural to assume that any upgrades to their online services would incur a fee. This is why xbox live has a monthly sub after all.

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    It's just a survey, though, and doesn't tell us anything more than that Sony is considering different kinds of subscription services. As long as the basics that we have now are still free, I won't care.

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    They've got to make up for 4 years of free service and the fact they're still losing $37 for every PS3 sold Just chalk this one up to one more reason I won't buy a PS3.

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    Hey, its still cheaper than playing WoW.
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    If they bundle free downloads and shit with it I might sign up

    They mentioned being able to download old PSOne games, etc. That could be decent I'd consider it if they finalized a plan and had enough features that made it worth it to me.

    As it is, I barely kept my Xbox Live subscription up because I wasn't playing shit online hardly. Was a waste of money for me.

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