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    Online Marketing/Adsense/etc

    So, Whos involved with the world of Online Marketing and all that junk?

    I would love for some advice and hearing what anyone thinks about this kinda stuff.. My plan, I think I am going to make 3-4 sites with content, and have adsense on all of them/maybe rent out ad space, maybe have one forum or something too.. Just basically, small things on the side that I can do to see if it ever turns into something decent.. (trying to quit gaming, so gotta fill up some time!)

    Im not saying I would ever attempt to make a forum as large as even this one, but who knows, if I could get 100-ish active members on a forum of some topic (probably not guitar, its been done too much), then who knows, as long as my ads profit over hosting costs..

    Im just interested in learning more about everything.. if anyone has some experience/knows anything about this kinda stuff.

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    My online marketing experience deals mainly with Google AdWords (which can cost a lot of money) and company blogging (which is not really applicable to what you're looking for)... so I'm not sure if it'd help you much.

    If you're creating a forum though, you're going to want to familiarize yourself with the various forum software systems. And keep in mind and don't make Chris any money; the ads there are there to offset the cost of the vBulletin software and hosting. It's quite difficult to create a small startup site that is actually profitable solely via advertising.
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    obviously its a process, but I am interested in just trying it. Last night i did some research on forum software, there are afew that are very affordable or even free, but vbulletin looks the best (ie this forum's system) and actually quite affordable in comparison to others.

    The forum idea though, is quite challenging because you have to find a niche demographic to appeal to. obviously is a niche market, and MG is really the offspring of, so its apparent why these two forums have become relatively large. I would have to find something that would appeal to a specific group enough to get a decent member base, which I think most things in the guitar world is already covered, although I have an idea which may work relating on another topic..

    Anyways, I am more interested in the small blogging with adsense/other ads, if I create about 10 sites with decent content on various subjects that I personally have difficult googling/searching for, it may bring in some decent traffic, and then just build on it from there. Using templates, it wouldnt take long to make the sites, I'd guess within 2-3 weeks for 10 sites with 10 articles each maybe, if I worked 3-4 hours a day.

    Like I said, my New years resolution is to stop playing video games, or at least cut it down a lot, so I will have quite abit of free time, enough to do 3 hours a day on this kind of stuff.. although I should be practicing more guitar -_-

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