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Thread: Mass Effect

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    Mass Effect

    My game buying spree never ends. I just found the Games on Demand section, and was wanting to play this before the new one comes out.

    How is it? 7GB download at 2% right now.

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    Only the greatest game ever. the combat is pretty easy, but the story is exceptional. Biotically throwing someone into the air and shooting them down while suspended like they're a ghost in ghostbusters is pretty cool. I played through first as a Vanguard (I think), whatever it's called it's the one that's half-biotic and half soldier.

    Also, if you play through as a female character, all I can say is get friendly with the blue chick, you'll thank me later

    KOTOR, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age are all made by BioWare, whom both TDW and I think are just exceptional storytellers. Also Mass Effect's graphics are arguably the best of any game on the 360, and Mass Effect 2, which comes out next month looks to be even better, which I didn't think was possible.

    Mass Effect is basically an adult star wars without the lightsabers. Truly an awesome experience. The only negative is there are a lot of barren planets you'll be trogging through if you want to really explore the game, and that was the #1 criticism of the game when it came out. Still though, some of the subplots and secondary quests are really worth doing. There's one you can take called "I remember me" which you have to be a certain class for that one to open up, but it's absolutely a masterful piece of storytelling.

    Also there's a classic Good/Evil in this game, but it's not so much good vs evil as it appears to be. "Evil" which they call renegade is much more like Arnold Schwarzenegger's characters from his action movies, while "Good" which they call Paragon is just basically doing everything as peacefully as you can. I like playing both ways, and I can't count how many times I've played through Mass Effect.

    Also, for achievements, don't bother trying to get the ally achievements. They're fucko. I've played through the game several times and never got one ally achievement. Ally achivements were supposed to be given for using a certain character throughout the whole game, but it's a known issue that very few people have been able to get the ally achievements to unlock.

    Oh and one more thing, once you've beaten the game, you can go back through with the same character and start over with all your Spectre weapons and armor and your high-level character. It's fun as hell going through the higher difficulty levels with a level 59 or 60 character.

    Mass Effect is a good entry-level RPG too, because there's a lot of action, and even if you play through every side quest, it'll only take about 25 hours to beat the game on a first playthrough.

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    lol can you tell I really like the game?

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    Listen to Vince.

    Mass Effect is probably one of my top 10 favorite games of all time. I've beaten it twice. The first time as 65% Paragon, 35% Renegade (as a male) and the second time as 95% Renegade, 5% Paragon (as a female). The way you can choose very minutely what you say is better done than any other game I've ever played, including all of Bioware's other games with dialogue choices.

    Highly highly recommended. I can't wait for Mass Effect 2.

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    Its badass, yeah
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    Mass. Effect. fucking. RULES.

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    I'm really loving it so far. The combat is a bit choppy and it's hard to tell who is taking damage and how much, but the dialogue and story is fantastic, as I've really come to expect from BioWare.

    It took me like an hour and a half with the character editor to get a remotely attractive player character though. There's a lot of ugly you can make with that system, and not much pretty
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    It's BioWare. Do you really need to know much more than that? It's an awesome game, but I have this really bad habit of playing a game up until very close to the end and then getting distracted by another game, so I still need to finish Mass Effect up.

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