Some Tech Things I Think Will Happen Within 5 Years

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Thread: Some Tech Things I Think Will Happen Within 5 Years

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    Some Tech Things I Think Will Happen Within 5 Years

    Generally speaking:

    - Landlines will be phased out (see other thread) in lieu of VoIP for home, and cellular (duh), so funds that are by law forced to go towards maintaining landlines will be used to improve broadband. Landlines will be expensive as hell if you still want one.

    Related quote from another site: "15 years ago, they tried to sell cell phones on the idea they were good in case of an emergency. Today, they try to sell land lines on the idea they are good in case of an emergency."

    - Your home internet will be billed based on usage. Someone who uses, for example, a Comcast standard cable connection to check email and surf the web should not pay as much as someone who downloads terabytes worth of torrents/music/etc monthly.

    - Radio Shack will disappear. I went in there today to grab some HDMI cables and the store is filled with shitty cell phones, overpriced cables, stupid gadgets that nobody really wants (white noise generators, anyone?) and rebranded crappy electronics. Years ago the 'Shack was the place to go for cool electronics shit, and specialty stuff like resistors and such. Now they don't stock them, and the average hobbyist just goes online for that sort of thing anyway.

    - HTML/CSS and general text-based internet will be old school, and new websites/applications will use compiled software that runs solely on the server. Think VNC/RDP on a bigger scale. Connections are getting faster, so you can push much bigger applications over the average person's connection.

    - JSON will be the language of choice for armchair coders instead of Perl. Look at it's spec, it fits on a single page.

    Add your own!

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    I agree with points 1, 2, and 4.

    I don't think Radio Shack will go away anytime soon. Eventually, I'm sure, but there are still too many tinkerers who run up to Radio Shack for electronics parts. The ones around here stock pretty much everything. Also, they have changed their business model.

    As with #5, I don't know... I know a lot of the stuff we do is based on Python scripting, and I only see it getting more involved.

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    1 and 2 are almost certain
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    Pretty much agreed on all of these points.
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    Radio Shack has been dogshit for 10 years now. I can't believe they're still open, but they've got to be doing something right. Everytime I go in there, all I see are cell phones, low-quality TVs, a bunch of clock radios and two small sections in the back with some parts.

    Horrible store, yet they're still in business. I don't get it. I think I went there once this year for a $4 lithium battery for my truck's alarm remote, and I think I bought a 1/8th inch cable to hook up my MP3 player to my CD deck. That's what, $13 I've spent there in the last year, and there are like 4 Radio Shack's near my house. Crazy.

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    I don't like #2, although I could see it happening.

    The problem runs into the fact that all of the initiatives towards streaming media, thin client computing, Web-based OSes and cloud computing really bank on the 'all you can eat' internet plan.

    Additionally, online video and audio services that rely on video advertising (and online advertising in general) would see a serious backlash as picture-heavy ads and streamed advertising shown before videos would cut into the user's billed data.

    Plus, several of the advancements you mention (VoIP and compiled software running on the site's server) all require a greater supply of bandwidth than current solutions.

    This all depends on the pricing structure of course, but I use the Internet for everything (buying games, music, and streaming video; finding information, ordering products, uploading completed work to my project's FTP server, etc.) and a lot of this is reliant on the fact that I have unlimited data uploading and downloading.
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    I really hope 2 doesnt happen

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    html and CSS are not going anywhere soon. What you mention might take place if an open source option becomes available. For 95%+ of the web now html and css are fine.

    Jquery and other frameworks will continue to grow due to ease of use and open source but they will not replace stand alone html and css.

    within 10 years macs will begin to get viruses.

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