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Thread: Left 4 Dead - demo out now

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    Left 4 Dead - demo out now

    Anybody here pumped for Left 4 Dead? It's made by Valve, the same guys responsible for Half Life 2, so you know it is going to be good That, plus the demo is out now for Steam and Xbox.

    It rules.. very short, but intense. The zombies are never in the same place. I only could play through it three times, but every time was different. One time there was a huge mob in the basement of this building, but the next time, the basement was empty and the subway was full instead. One time there was only zombies in the street in one direction, and another time they surrounded us entirely.

    Graphically it might not quite be up to par with Unreal Engine 3 games but it runs smooth as silk and has some cool lighting effects. It was built from the ground up for four player co-op too, which adds a lot to the whole experience. I'd highly recommend checking it out.

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf2fPXXBBRo]YouTube - Left 4 Dead: Exclusive Montage[/VIDEO]

    That's the intro movie.. but the game is pretty much like that. I don't know if the Tank can throw cars like that since in the demo, he only pops up indoors.

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    Played the demo last night, me and my fellow housemates are pumped for some 4-way co-op action!

    I've always loved the Source engine, it's so well optimized and is incredibly smooth, CSS is one of the best running games i've ever played and Left 4 Dead runs just as well.

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    I'm just debating on whether to get it for PC or 360. Probably PC since I can't play shooters for shit without a mouse and keyboard, but there's just something about playing games on a console that I like, probably the fact I can lay in bed under a bunch of blankets when I want to be lazy and play games

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