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Thread: One free app has made the iPod touch...

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    One free app has made the iPod touch...

    an incredible purchase for my son.

    All my kids received an iPod Touch for Christmas and on Christmas eve I installed their music and a variety of apps so that they could enjoy their iPods immediately. One of the apps I installed was a free version of hangman that after trying myself discovered was very difficult and didn't think would be a fun game for my kids to play.

    At first I was right especially for my 5 year old son who became quickly frustrated and would ask me to help him continually however this has now become the single best thing that I have done for my Sons education. It is amazing how quick kids pick things up and he has worked out how to solve very difficult words that are not in his vocabulary using phonetic processes that we use to teach kids how to read. As a result over the last few weeks of his school holidays his reading has improved dramatically as well as his ability to spell difficult words. It's amazing how technology and something so simple can have a dramatic effect on your children's education and I wasn't even thinking about education when I arranged these presents. It's moments like this that I love technology.

    Hangman of all things

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    What a morbid funny way to learn to read better

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason View Post
    What a morbid funny way to learn to read better
    I don't know what is morbid about it

    I didn't expect that he could play it let alone learn from it as the easy word list can be pretty difficult but he discovered that by selecting one of the other word lists like geography, food, animals and holidays can make the result more predictable and by playing it he has discovered that certain letters often appear in combination with other letters to form sounds that many words contain. Without knowing much about vowels (he is 5) he realised by himself that A E I O U are often the best place to start and he also knows that certain letters appear more often than others. It has taken phonetics to the next level for him and he is spelling words out and reading them back that he wouldn't have otherwise learnt for many years, as a result we have noticed that his reading in his first week back at school is dramatically improved over his reading when school finished last year.

    Technology in general has been great for the kids to develop reading and writing, the kids realised that in order to use a computer efficiently they need to be able to read and write otherwise they have to wait until Mum or Dad comes over to help them so due to the need to access certain things quickly they focus on learning how to spell the words they need to spell to search for what they are looking for without help. For a 5 year old playing a simple game like hangman on the iPod has taken his understanding of English to the next level and now he has learnt the tools that help him to read words he hasn't encountered before, this is the same way I learned to read but he has discovered it much earlier and has progressed more rapidly than I or his siblings had.

    I am a big fan of children learning through games, I think it is a very effective way to learn and if it is fun children want to do it so they spend more time doing it. As a parent though I've always struggled to find the right educational games that my children find fun and actually want to play. In this case I found an effective one without looking. I'd love to find more games like this now.

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    It would be cool if there was a study on "regular" video games that actually teach useful tools for furthering education.

    that's a kick ass story, steve!
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    Quote Originally Posted by budda View Post
    It would be cool if there was a study on "regular" video games that actually teach useful tools for furthering education.
    There is.

    Ever play Doom II?
    I play bass in a band called Weaponlord.

    I also play bass in a band called Northern Crown.

    I used to play bass in a band called Faethom.

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