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Thread: Fuck Apple

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    Fuck Apple

    This is going to far. Patently Apple reports a patent application from Apple regarding technology which integrates advertising into online video.

    The technology will divide the video into locked segments which require advertising content to be viewed before that content can be unlocked. Fuck Apple, Fuck this technology, I won't be watching video's that use it.

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    Isn't that what Hulu does already? How can that patent that?
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    The irony of this thread title is too much to handle It is a fucking retarded idea though


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    I'm streaming from CTV right now and it makes you watch an ad between each segment.

    I don't have a huge problem with the concept as it is essentially the same as watching regular ad supported TV. The content providers have to have some means of revenue. Better the advertisers then passing all the costs to the consumer. The real bitch is they will likely also include some draconian DRM along with this implementation.
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    In TV shows, could care less.

    In movies, unacceptable.

    In music videos, far far worse.

    Either way, versions without commercial breaks will always be available

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    A lot of sites do that. I've been watching South Park at southparkstudios.com lately, and that's exactly how it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlankPlank View Post
    The irony of this thread title is too much to handle
    You only say that because I'm made out to be something I'm not. My Dean AS7 is my favourite guitar and I mention that a fair bit, am I a Dean fanboi? I'm also mostly responsible for the GSP1101 FOTM thing but I'm well known for calling Digitech out on the Digitech forums. For some reason if you say you like some things Apple makes you're automatically labelled as a fanboi.

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    It depends on how it's done, really. If it's like Hulu in that I'll be able to watch television shows for free provided I bear through some commercials, however it'll work on not only a computer but also an iPad or iPhone, then that's fair.

    However if they want me to pay $1.99 for a show, PLUS watch ads, they can go fuck themselves with a spork.

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