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Thread: God of War 3

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    God of War 3

    Game is fucking ace and is easily gonna be my game of 2010

    Shit's all over every other game graphics wise and Kratos actually gets covered in blood when you kill guys! (There's an a trophy for covering him in 500 buckets of blood).

    Killing gods and shit, discuss

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    Game makes me which all my PS3's didn't run linux.

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    MLB The show, God of War III, Little Big Planet, Uncharted 2, and the Sigma versions of the Ninja Gaiden games... all great reasons to buy a PS3

    However I've got plenty of video games as it is

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    I'm planning on getting this game, but I've been too busy with other stuff. Loved GOW 1 and 2.

    And, Vince, another awesome PS3 game would be inFamous. That game ruuuuuuuuuules.

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    Honestly, it makes my 360 feel inferior which is sad cause I have some games that I love for it. But God of War 3 is definitely a console seller hands down. I'm gonna try and score a Pandora's Box replica and the art book because I'm that nerdy and wish FYE didn't suck so I could've gotten it.

    This really doesn't spoil anything since I imagine everyone on here has played 1 & 2 and knows where 3 takes off but just in case :


    Skip to 3:30 and see an AWESOME movie

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    Absolutely phenomenal game in every way.

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    I actually kind of want a PS3 for Demon's Souls; I must be a masochist

    Not something I feel I can justify spending $460 on though, not with a 360 already. :-/
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    You bought a Dingwall when you already have other basses right? This is kind of the same.

    /cheap shot

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