Alright I caved and bought a PS3

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Thread: Alright I caved and bought a PS3

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    Alright I caved and bought a PS3

    I had to play more MLB The Show 10

    It's just one hell of a game. Picked up the 120 GB unit tonight, along with The Show, Little Big Planet, and Infamous. The PS3 console is a really sleek little unit, and I love the fact it has a dedicated optical audio output. So far Infamous plays a little better than prototype, so that's a good thing. The show is just awesome, and I haven't dug into LBP yet.

    Also, I picked up my first Blue-Ray disc too. Ninja Assassin, of course

    So I'm definitely picking up the Ninja Gaiden Sigma games the next few days, once I've dug through those a bit maybe I'll pick up GOW 3 and Uncharted 2 looks incredible.

    Any other PS3 exclusives you guys would suggest?

    The PSN store leaves a little to be desired. I like the look and layout of the Xbox 360 store, but at the same time the PSN store loads so much faster I'm willing to put up with the 90% text layout.

    Oh and I have to get a better controller. The Sixaxis sucks. It just sits awkwardly in my hands. I'm buying one of these immediately: - dreamGEAR Playstation 3 Shadow Wireless Controller With Rumble

    Anyway, add me as a friend, same username as on the 360, desertdweller56.

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    add me up, ibznorange

    LBP is fun as shit, me and the girlfriend play all the time, as do me and the guys too. Its goofy, and can be fun for family shit, but its also just hella addicting and can be great over a few beers, if you run around slapping people and shit.

    If you dont want your sixaxis, ill take it off your hands when taxreturns come in
    R.I.P. Guitars Etc
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    ha nah I'll keep it but I'm def buying the dreamgear controller too. Gotta have two

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    I think the Sixaxis is one of the most comfortable controllers out there. I guess it makes sense, though, that it would feel uncomfortable to someone who is used to the 360 controller, which I find to be clunky and slightly uncomfortable.

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    I'm used to both the 360 and PS3 controllers, then again I own an original Xbox and a Dreamcast, so if you want to talk about uncomfortable controllers.....

    Personally I kind of prefer getting new games for the PS3, as I prefer the control system a little (my longest gaming hours were put in on the PS1 and PS2 thanks to the Final Fantasy series), but any used games I tend to get on the 360 as they are far more abundant and far cheaper.

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    I've owned a PS3 and an Xbox 360 for a pretty long time now and, while I play the 360 more than the PS3 and own more games for the 360, I prefer the PS3 controller over the 360 one.

    I bought God of War 3 about a week ago and I'm almost at the end. This game totally kicks ass. I would definitely recommend it, regardless of whether you've played GOW1 and GOW2 or not.

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    oh you lucky sumbitch! I want a PS3 so bad!!!

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    GOD OF WAR 3

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