Wow, I had a big issue with them today. I placed an order about a month ago with Verizon for 2 lines. I went through Wirefly because they have the Motorola Droid for $19.99, and you can't beat it. Well they wanted a $75 deposit for each line, which is cool, but I couldn't swing it at the time. I cancelled the order and told them i'd have to wait. I ordered the Droid about a week ago, just one line. That way the deposit is only $75, and they may possibly waive the 2nd line's deposit if my account is in good standing a few months before I add it. Well, Wirefly couldn't place the order due to me already having an account with Verizon, apparently the previous order wasn't cancelled right and it screwed with everything. They told me to call Verizon to have the inactive account cancelled, Verizon told me they can't and get Wirefly to push the order through the inactive account and just cancel the inactive lines. So 6 calls back and fourth later, I finally spoke with a Supervisor and am Praying I actually got something accomplished. My order status hasn't updated in hours, and they will probably be closed before it does. If it doesn't go through this time, badass phone or not, I'm just going to say fuck em.