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    Little Big Planet

    God damn. I've been so bored by games recently. They just seem to tread the same old ground, with only details changing and nothing being done with any panache.
    This game, however, is uber fun! So cute, so well realised, and a very refreshing take on multiplayer. Suddenly all playing on 1 screen is a good thing!

    Now, if Mirror's Edge can be just as refreshing...

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    I absolutely love LBP. The story mode has some of the best platforming out there, and there are some really cool user created levels already. I haven't really spent much time with the level creator, but I will as soon as I don't have so many games to play.

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    I saw an ad for this when I was in the cinema the other day. Looked cool, is the level design thing as free as it makes out or are there a lot more restrictions?

    I have to say, it's the most interesting game that's exclusive to the PS3 that I've fact it's the only one I can name

    I'd love to give it a whirl at some point

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    this LOOKED like a totally killer game to me as well, its nice to have a different take on things to make them stay fresh
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