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Thread: Automatic Mario plays "Don't Stop Me Now"

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    Automatic Mario plays "Don't Stop Me Now"

    Apparently "Automatic Mario" levels are made using the ROM editor for the old Super Mario World game to create levels where Mario goes from start to finish without pressing a single button.

    Once these became common, people started setting them to play "music" using in-game sounds.

    Now someone who has far too much time on their hands has made four levels that, when played together, cover Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" and sync up perfectly. The graphic at the end is awesome too.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Automatic Mario?Don't Stop Me Now????????????×Queen?[/VIDEO]
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    I've heard about this rom hack, but never tried it out. Can't believe someone went this far with it O_o

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    That's pretty entertaining, and definitely took a lot of work

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    That is so idiotic. It sounds nothing like the original song. What was the point?

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