Microsoft redesigns Xbox 360 controller with 'transforming D-pad'

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Thread: Microsoft redesigns Xbox 360 controller with 'transforming D-pad'

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    Microsoft redesigns Xbox 360 controller with 'transforming D-pad'

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    Well, the regular D-Pad sucks for fighting games so I can see people who like to get down on Blazblue and Street Fighter liking this if they dig D-pads more than arcade pads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soopahmahn View Post

    Seems like bullshit. Anyone see a use for this?
    Not really. Most games tend to have just basic functions assigned to the d-pad.

    Those colors on the A-B-X-Y buttons are going to probably confuse some gamers.

    Microsoft says the disc format is ideal for "sweeping movements."
    TRANSLATION: When people get our Kinect controller and get tired of having to wave at shit on the screen to navigate through menus. They'll want to use this.

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    I like the idea, a lot. I always loved the disc on the Nes MAX controller over the standard + shape on the regular one. Playing games like Mega Man 10 would be a lot more pleasant to me. I always wished I had a controller on the SNES that had a D-pad that was like that because it just always felt better to me.

    Since I currently use a 360 controller for emulators, this will be perfect to have around.
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    That's a great idea, it's too bad they wont retail without the play and charge kit though.

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    I think it looks pretty sick, I hate the D-pad, even when I'm just using it to go though menus, it sucks.

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    The 360 controller is my favorite video game controller of all time. That said, I don't ever use the D-pad, ever, so its wasted on me. Its a cool idea though.

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    I hated the PS3 controller until I got used to it, but the 360 controller is still quite a bit better. You know what controller is the best though?

    This one:

    It fits in your hands better than even the Xbox controller, is smaller, lighter and has a superior D-pad. The triggers are really nice on it too, not quite the 360 triggers, not quite the comfy gamecube ones, but somewhere in between. Now if only it had sixaxis control and was bluetooth like the normal PS3 stick it'd be perfect.

    I totally kick ass on Ninja Gaiden with this thing

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