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    Webcam Opinions

    This ought to be fun.

    I don't have an iAbacus, so I must purchase webcams separately. I owned a Logitech 6000 or 7000, which was a $60-80 webcam when it was out, pretty much top-of-the-line, and it was generally disappointing. 3- or 4-year old tech by now, but it was very bad in low light and had pretty tinny audio quality. Worst: the software was TERRIBLE -- bloaty, buggy, AOL-like.

    When I moved and updated to Win7 x64, it decided to stop working. The latest software couldn't get it to properly integrate into my machine, so I don't know if I broke it physically from the move or if it just can't be updated to work with Win7. Anyhooo...

    Got any good opinions on webcams? On paper I like the Logitech C600 and C910, and the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema. Wondering if anyone has good experience with these, or general opinions on the devices.

    Software seems equally as important as hardware, unless there's good free 3rd party webcam software I can use. I want to make videos and Skype chat.
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    My granda has the new 8mp, 720p Logitech cam, can't remember the model, and it's awesome


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    We buy the Logitech Quickcam 9000 Pro models for Cisco Presence and Skype, and it works great on OS X, Windows XP, and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).

    I'm sure the new HD one is nice too, albeit a bit unnecessary for video chat, I think.
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    I have a Blue EyeBall 2.0. The camera is decent - and the mic is fantastic.

    Blue Microphones | Eyeball 2.0 - A Revolutionary New Webcam with HD-Quality Audio and Two Megapixel Video
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    ^^ Cool mic! Amazon has the C910 for $80 though, and it's always neat to have the latest and greatest. I don't really care about the 1080p, except I figure I can record videos that way and have minimal compression on YouTube when they're played back.

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