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    recent pickups (360)

    Gears of War 2, & Prince of Persia, the newer one, whatever it's called.

    Got GOW2 for $15 on Amazon, and PoP was $19 new at target. Which makes me feel like never buying a new game again since it just came out like 4 months ago.

    Haven't had the time to play either. No time. The cases look fucking nice tho.

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    I still need to run through GOW2 myself. I bought Madden 11 a couple weeks ago but still havent sat down to play through more than a couple games. It is prettier than 10 though that is for sure.

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    You'll probably be disappointed with Prince of Persia. I bought it and thought, this will be fun AND have a cool art style - but was met with an art style and having every combat like an interactive cutscene from Resident Evil

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