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    Playstation MOVE

    Have anyone tried it yet?

    My sister wanted some sims expansions for her birthday, but I can't stand how EA is releasing 20 versions of that game each year, so I got her playstation move instead.

    I got to say, it's pretty damn awesome. Surprisingly responsive. As close to 1:1 it can get. Ended up playing start the party with my sister and girlfriend all weekend, haha.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - PlayStation Move Start the Party Demo - E3 2010[/VIDEO]

    Now I got my own move controller on the way. Can't wait to try it with some real games!

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    I got to try it at a friend's place, it completely owns the hell out of the Wii in all aspects. Great tracking, great graphics.

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    I read that they started working on it in 2002.
    They actually had a demo of it already in 2004.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Sony PS2 Motion Controller 5 years ago (2004)[/VIDEO]

    What I really like is that they're releasing patches for games that are already out, so you don't have to buy this and that move-version of the game which would be bullshit.

    Now I regret that I got resident evil for 360 instead of ps3 though :P

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