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Thread: UK T Mobile users

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    UK T Mobile users

    You can increase T-mobile's shitty reception by signing up to "share" the Orange network. Go to: Increase Your Mobile Network Coverage with T-Mobile & Orange for more info.

    I've signed up myself today, so only time will tell if it's any better. Still, I only have to put up with it until my contract is up in December.
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    Creepy. I was on the phone to them not ten minutes ago about that.
    T-Mobile are alright, very polite, great customer service, but shitty reception in my flat, unfortunately. They've got three days, after that I go to Vodafone. (It was that or O2, but any company that sponsors motorsport has my vote over ex-BT Cellnet employees, who're all cunts).
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    I've never really had an issue with my coverage on T-Mobile but I may as well sign up for that anyway, cheers man.

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