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Thread: iPhones/Mail help?

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    iPhones/Mail help?

    Alright, just got an iPhone (for free, woot). It's currently running iOS4. I want to tie my hotmail account into it; the first time I did it said I had fifty unread messages - increasing the amount of messages it shows increases this. These are all messages I've read before on my computer, and short of reading fifty messages every time, is there any way to avoid this? There doesn't appear to be a "mark all as read" option, internet was no use either.

    It's worth adding that it's doing this with new emails. If i get a new one and read it on my computer, mail will still say I have unread messages. It was so annoying I just deleted the account in mail, but I figure you guys are all whizzes, maybe you know?
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    The problem is that Hotmail sucks, and they only support POP3. If they supported IMAP, you'd have better synchronization of read vs. unread from multiple locations.

    My advice would be to forward all of your Hotmail messages to a Gmail account and use Gmail instead.

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