Any old school Ultima Online players here?

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Thread: Any old school Ultima Online players here?

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    Any old school Ultima Online players here?

    I use to play the hell out of this game back in the day and played for like 5-6 years. Then they game got screwed up by EA and I've always wanted to play the game but the way it was before the changes.. well turns out many others have to and I found a server that is free to play and plays just like the old school UO!

    Thought i would pass this info a long and maybe we can start a MG guild in the game. I'm trying to get some gold built up and then i'll work out my skills. I can see about saving up for a guild stone in the game if you all are interested.

    Second Age | UO T2A The Way It Was | UO Free Shard | Ultima Online Free Server | Free MMORPG

    You think Minecraft is addicting just use to this game and its crack trust me yes the graphics are dated but the gameplay is not. Its a very open world. You don't level but choose 7 skills you wish to work on.

    Just go to the link above download the client. Install, launch the game, put in a account name and password that you can remember. Then login, choose the second age server, create you character and then your in game. You start off with nothing, and it does time some time to adjust on how to play.

    Here is a Beginners Guide.

    Beginners Guide - T2A WIki : An Ultima Online The Second Age reference archive

    Have fun

    My in game name is Zullic.

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    I played about 5 years on Lake Superior. I am not really interested in playing on a freeshard - i pretty much won the game -got bored and quit playing. My Main was a tamer/Bard. I could solo anything in the game (well not ancient dragon....) - just farting around i could make 100-300k gold in an hour. I also had a badassed tank/mage, a crafting mule, a dexxer and a bard/archer. I gave my account away to one of my buds.

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