Intel next-gen CPU's will prevent recording movie streams

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Thread: Intel next-gen CPU's will prevent recording movie streams

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    Intel next-gen CPU's will prevent recording movie streams

    Intel's upcoming Core chips to secure streaming movies - Computerworld

    The chip's feature is called "Insider" and will allow streams at 1080p, same as blue ray. It will also ensure that you cannot record this stream. 'Didn't know this could be done on a CPU level.

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    Oh great more paranoia from the movie business.

    It'll be circumvented in two days by some linuxgeek.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kim View Post
    It'll be circumvented in two days by some linuxgeek.
    No doubt.

    I wonder how much money they got from the MPAA to add this feature to their new chipsets.

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    Building restrictions right into the chipset?

    That's fucking ridiculous. How about all of the streaming video done by the military? You know drones and such? They're going to blanket block recording streams of everything, just in case it happens to be a media stream?

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    I give it 1 - 3 weeks after release that someone finds the exploit for it and kills all of their R&D. How about instead of releasing retarded garbage you actually release a new faster chip instead of 4 or 6 or 8 of the same chip in one housing? i don't need 8 3 GHz chips, give me a 10Ghz chip, or a quadcore 10GHz.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kim View Post
    It'll be circumvented in two days by some linuxgeek.

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    Insider is a very specific DRM protection scheme. Hollywood is going to kick off a service (probably integrated into the existing Netflix etc.) whereby you can stream HD movies when they're released in stores, and having one of these chips will make it either a) easier to do so or b) the only way to do so.

    It's an anti-piracy thing, but I don't care much for it either.

    Intel’s Sandy Bridge chip to offer built-in DRM | CES 2011 with News, TechRadar | CES 2011
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    They've been going down this road since before MS Vista was released (back when it was codenamed 'Longhorn').

    There may be a way to circumvent it but the premise of building DRM into the CPU chip level isn't new and it isn't that easily overcome. That's why those with a vested interest in making sure we have to pay for every shred of media we ever consume are pressuring Intel and AMD to build it in. The ability of Linux hackers to circumvent things is negated by the media providers not supporting the OS. Just look at Netflix.
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