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Thread: Hard drive not compatible....ugh

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    Hard drive not compatible....ugh

    So, I just upgraded my OS from Vista to Windows 7 & my Western Digital MyBook external hard drive isn't being recognized. I contacted Western Digital customer service & I get an email back saying this hard drive isn't compatible with Windows 7.

    Now I'm irritated since all my music, video & photos are on this drive. I guess I have to somehow reinstall vista, buy another external hard drive, transfer everything over, then reinstall 7.

    Are all external hard drives this way or is this some proprietary BS from Western Digital?

    So, can someone recommend a nice 1-2TB external hard drive that won't do this in the future?

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    What model is it? I have a WD external that gave me the same issue. I just transferred my data elsewhere and reformatted it in 7. Worked fine.

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    How can a hard drive be "not compatible" with an operating system?

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    Yeah, that's bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Yeah, that's bullshit.
    agreed, i have installed win7 on some old ass drives.

    someone is feeding you garbage to see you puke up money all over their face.....

    or something.

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    Have you done some forum scrounging for info? Always my first resort when nothing makes sense with stupid hardware bullshit, like when my mobo wouldn't accept two sticks of RAM until I found these very specific timings to use with it because the memory controller was a piece of poo.

    Just as we're the magnet-sniffing metal guitar pros, there are people equally obsessed with these exact problems with computers.
    Making metal every night and day.

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    It's gotta be some proprietary WD stuff in the actual device, there's no way any normal external hard drive wouldn't be supported...

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    Alright, checking the WD site, do you have WD SmartWare installed? According to this PDF it supports Windows 7:


    I don't know specifically what MyBook drive you have though, but SmartWare is probably a good place to start since it's compatible with all the MyBook drives...

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