Has anyone tried this game ?

Magicka on Steam

It's more or less a Hack'n'Slash, but with a twist: you are a wizard, but there is no mana or energy or spells.

You actually have to create spells on the go each time you cast them, out of a choice of elements with some modifier (like 10 total). You can put up to 5 components before releasing the spell. For example, if you combine Earth + Fire, you get a fireball.

And now the fun part: it's multiplayer, fast paced, and some elements clash with each other and interact in funy ways.

Now imagine this : one player sees a wave of goblins approaching fast, and start to build up a shield, while retreating into the nearby river (thus soaking their robes in water). The 4th player, still hungerover from his party with his fellow wizard and half naked demoness, thinks casting a lightning bolt is a good idea. He proceeds - it reflects on the shield, hits the water, kills every wizard.

I admit, it's amazingly difficult at the begining to even cast a spell without imploding because the action is fast and 10 keys to combine is a lot for me But holy cows is this fun.