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Thread: minecraft hauntings

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    minecraft hauntings

    Xaotik Designs A Haunting in Minecraft

    so how many of you minecrafters experienced a haunting? Just out of curiosity. Or are all of the cases just people trolling?

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    I've got a huge sugar cane growing room on the survival server... I was in there harvesting the other day and thought I saw something through the reeds. I went to investigate. Nothing. I walked back over to where I was (I like to do an entire row at a time) and start harvesting again. Fucking creeper walks straight at me through the row. Not quite the same, but did make me jump.

    Someone else and I did also find a tunnel connected to a shaft I was building that was kind of unnatural seeming at parts. Perfectly flat rock faces and occasional torches. I assumed someone else had already found their way in.

    I've also seen a few spots that were lit up with no torches, redstone, or lava around.

    Also, I call shenanigans on that video.
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    What a turd.

    Also...that texture pack...

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    Entertaining, I guess

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    meh if you enter my lava lair on the survival server you'll get haunted, harassed and raped by slimes all day.
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