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    Hey Jeff!

    I've never actually seen you..

    ..until now.

    Please, just tell me this is you:
    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfE5R5mPy4I]YouTube - World's First iPAD GUITAR DJ Frame! - MANTARAY - Demo PART 1[/VIDEO]

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    This fellow is stuck in the 90s. I like

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    I was GAS'ing for a kaoss pad like that a while back. Until I realized I would just fool around and forget to actually play if I ever got one, haha.

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    Nope, not me. I'm chubbier but better looking.

    At least he's got the option of using music apps on his iPad though.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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