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    Prototype 2 (E3 Trailer)

    Prototype 2 Video Game, E3 2011: Trailer HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

    Anyone notice at 0:28 the sound of a Ghostbusters proton pack turning on? Odd to reuse a sound like that.

    This looks more polished than the first game, which IMO was an abortion. I still think Sucker Punch does this style of game better with their InFamous series, but I'll be willing to give P2 a shot.

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    i enjoyed the first one for what it was which was complete insanity/carnage. Im also the only person i know in my group of friends who was able to defeat the end boss!

    this looks like more of the same so i'll probably enjoy it too.

    Interesting that they have used the main guy from the first game as the bad guy in this. I guess after killing literally thousands of people in the first game you could call him a bad guy!

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    I thought the first game was fun, but flawed, and the flaws were 100% attributed to the fucking obnoxious chain-knockback. I never finished it - got all the way to the final battle, and then I could literally put my controller down and go throw in a load of laundry after the first knockback. I'd get punted across the street, and then re-punted by something else, into an explosion, which would send me into another group of monsters, which would knock me into another and another ad nauseum.

    I'm all for a challenge but losing control of your character for minutes at a time without being able to do a single thing about it is just bad design.

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