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    Deskspace by Otaku (for Windows)

    I downloaded the trial to this, its pretty damn cool, i've got 6 different desktops now, similar to android but other than looking cool I can't really find a practical use for it. I don't have a whole lot of icons on my desktop other than a rocketdock, which I keep hidden until I hover on the bottom center of my screen. You can assign specific programs to only open on specific desktops, which is cool....but isn't that just an extra step to do? Anyone use this and/or have any ideas of how I could actually use this for something other than just looking cool as shit when I feel like changing backgrounds?

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪Deskspace, by Otaku Software.‬‏[/VIDEO]
    Otaku Software - Products > DeskSpace 3D Virtual Desktop: Organize Your Desktop

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    Hmm.. its a cube.. But it doesnt have enough squares...
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    That looks a lot like Spaces that comes stock with OSX. Really really useful feature for me since I'm usually running several projects at once.
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    I may have to give this a try... I've been having a tough time keeping track of stuff lately since I've been multitasking like a boss... Multiple browser windows open, fuck loads of tabs in each, Adobe Reader, foobar, two VM servers, a VM client, crap loads of file folders, and text editors.

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    Wow just as useless as that crap they came out for X lol. If you really want useless Sun was sponsoring something for a while which you could flip your windows backwards lol.

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