Gaikai scores a whopper of a game distribution deal with (exclusive) | VentureBeat

Game-streaming startup Gaikai has scored a major deal to stream high-quality video games for, the online division of the world’s biggest retailer, VentureBeat has learned. If the new way of selling games works out, it could mean a big step forward in digital game distribution.

The newly discovered Game Center web site shows that you can now play a game such as Electronic Arts’ Dead Space 2 video game simply by clicking on a link. You can try the game for free with a mouse click and then play it immediately, since Gaikai’s technology can stream the game directly to the player, wherever the player is — even if the user has a low-end PC. If the user likes the game, they can buy it on the spot. That’s what they call “friction free” in retailing, where shoppers can get instant gratification.
Heard that Dead Space 2 isn't really on there. Supposedly called a "competitor" to Steam, but after reading about it, doesn't sound like it to me