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Review from another forum:

Cons so far:

  • Cover system: The bullettime effect should be enough that this isn't even needed.
  • Two weapon carry limit with grenades: First game was something like 3 weapons, so this isn't a big deal, but it's still annoying.
  • Some sort of point ranking system that seems to act like an ability unlock/XP system. It's weird, and it's out of place.
  • Achievment/ranking popups all over the place which kills the immersion every 5 seconds in what should be an atmospheric game.
  • Cut scenes: Same reason as above, but it also takes you out of the picture so that you're not experiencing it, the character is.
  • Hold E to open: Le sigh.
  • Graphics: Looks worse than the first IMO. There's some decent effects, but overall it's not as sleek as a 6 year old game.


  • Level design is not linear
  • No "go here!" handholding.
  • The gunplay is satisfying, except for the shotgun

So far, it feels like a bloated successor to one of the better FPS games of the past. I won't write it off yet, but it feels like they slapped every current FPS gimick into it which clashes against the survival horror nature of the game
I liked the first one, the second one was a bit meh - too much monster, not enough actual jumps/horror. After a while, part 2 felt like I was playing Counter-Strike.

I'll pick this up when it's ~$30 or so. You can play the SP campaign co-op, which is cool, but apparently the campaign is only about 5 hours long. :\