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    Myth: The Fallen Lords

    I was bored at home, so I decided to start playing this game after not playing it for maybe 10 years (or more). To my surprise it has aged really well, and even the graphics look relatively fresh for a game that came out in 1997.

    You could call this the predecessor to the Total War games (Shogun, Medieval etc.). The battles are quite small in scale compared to those games, but you have to think about tactics in the same way or you'll get butchered.

    Anyone else played this?

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    Did you ever get Myth II: Soulblighter?

    Both of these consumed way more of my time then they should have.

    If you've got just TFL, drop-by: The Tain: File archive for the Myth Series They have the 1.5 update, and tons of plug-ins.

    If you're also into SB, you should to drop by: Project Magma :: Home in addition to The Tain. The ProjectMagma guys worked-out a deal to get the official codebase and have been updating the code. Myth II was semi-recently updated to 1.7.2. I've downloaded it, but haven't installed it because there's too many project in the queue and this could get me into some serious trouble. Lots of good fixes/upgrades -- one of which being a virtual TFL mode, so if the changes to the physics/combat system in SB bothered you, you could play SB with TFL physics.

    Finally, Mariusnet v2 - Powered by Pfhormula™ is the (AFAIK only) source for the old game servers. Last time I tried to register for an account, I never received a response; however, the Guest login worked fine. Right now, there's actually 16 SB players (no TFL players, sorry).


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    I never got Soulblighter or The Wolf Age. I think they both came out at a time when our computer was starting to get a bit old and didn't work correctly. The next game I bought in this genre after TFL was Medieval: Total War. I'll have to see if I can find the other games somewhere if I find the time. Right now I'm back at the university so I don't have too much free time from school and other stuff.

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