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    Dead Island

    IF anyone is looking for a solid, fun, zombie game, i highly recommend it. It's open world, rpg style leveling up like in Fallout, and straight zombie beating fun. Supports 4 player co op too, but I have just been playing it solo on my PC

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    No Mac client, bitches.

    Steve will probably love this, since he's the sultan of zombie games.

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    Played the game, it's fun (especially when playing coop with friends) - it feels like a crossover between Left 4 Dead and Borderlands, but it's a bit on the 'buggy' side for now (patches will probably fix this)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    No Mac client, bitches.

    Steve will probably love this, since he's the sultan of zombie games.
    Mac client would be Ace.... but I need to grab this on 360.

    Still waiting for ICO/Shadow of the Colossus to hit PS3 this month!!!

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    Played it on the pc and it felt like what it is. A terrible port from a console game. I am a huge Zombie/Shooter/Borderlands/L4d fan but was hugely disappointed by this game. The control just felt very disconnected. It had such potential but piss poor controls and interface ruined it for me.

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    I played it a little on my friend's PS3, and so far, I'm not really getting into it. The dialogue and character animations are terrible, and about half of my gameplay experience so far has been opening luggage and getting hit over the head in cutscenes. The actual gameplay part hasn't drawn me in yet. I'll probably be sticking to Left 4 Dead at this rate.

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    Played it for a few hours, so far it's a looting simulator. Look in baggage for stuff, open locker, repeat. The character animations are beyond awful, it took me out of the immersion, which, in a game like this, I assume the creators were shooting for. I hope the story is decent...

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    Picked this up Sunday - man this game is by far the best zombie game I've ever played. Yes there's a lot of searching for loot but plenty, and I mean plenty, of close-up zombie bashing fun with great weapons that you pickup or build at the various workbenches in the levels.

    Not sure about the comparisons to left for dead - that game is more an FPS that really must be played Co-op to be any good. Dead Island is hardly any guns and more bashing the zombie skulls in up close with blood and body parts flying about in a completely open sandbox type world.

    I will go along with some of the animations being sucky but nothing that has stopped me from being able to play, story is pretty sucky, and there's a few bugs here and there.

    I've got 8 hours in 2 days - that's WAY more than I've played my XB360 in a loooong time.
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