AMD Breaks Overclocking World Record

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Thread: AMD Breaks Overclocking World Record

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    AMD Breaks Overclocking World Record


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    I've used LHe before. Shit is cold (4K).

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    If I could only afford a canister of liquid N...

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    Cool, now they just need to up that L2 Cache, and they might suck a little less.

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    FYI, if you actually look at the screenshots of the 8Ghz, they have disabled 6 of the 8 cores to achieve these high clock speeds. Granted, its still a milestone speed, it is not with all 8 cores enabled, only 2 cores, 1 thread per core. The old record was done on a single core cpu of the old, a P4 3.0c or a celeron, i can't remember.

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    Will that give me more FPS on BF3?

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    Will this let me run more pirated plugins?

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    Can it run Crysis?

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