Got a question of semantics for you gents... What am I?

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Thread: Got a question of semantics for you gents... What am I?

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    Got a question of semantics for you gents... What am I?

    I've been employed part-time/contingent at this place for the past ten years... Up until recently, my official title was "IT Tech". When I began looking into pursuing a career in IT as a full-time thing, they changed my title to "IT Manager" so that I'd have something a bit more professional looking to put on my resume (as well as my company ID card). The thing is, as was pointed out by a temp agency I did an interview with, that almost nobody would call the job that I do/am looking to do by that name and that it could be hurting my chances at employment as many places would consider that more managerial than tech related. I'd spoken to my supervisor today about it and she asked I'd like to change it to. I didn't know so I told her I'd get back to her on that...

    I'm having a tough time putting a name to it but since so many of you guys work in IT, maybe you will have a better idea of what to call me.

    I really do a bit of everything... It seems like I fit the role of Network Administrator (especially based on the wikipedia article) but I do far more than just server and network related things. I would say about half of my time is spent on security issues, re-imaging and installing workstations, general hardware break/fix type stuff, responding to support tickets from users, providing advice to other department heads, ordering new hardware, and managing our inventory of stuff. I've even provided consultation for their audio and TV systems and copy machines.

    Essentially, I'm employed there to handle every problem that arises and to fill every tech need that they have. I pretty much run the department, though I'm the only person in the department...

    So what should I be called?
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    Sounds like a director job to me. As long as you can explain your duties, i think you'll be fine.

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