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Thread: Talk to me about mice

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    Talk to me about mice

    Okay, I'm currently using an Asus ROG GX800, and I love it. Light, comfortable as all hell, and I love the position of the thumb buttons for navigating Windows and the internet, much much more than the side-by-side, one in front of the other style used by almost every other company.

    Looks like this:

    The caveat: It's not mine. It belongs to my flatmate, and he (quite reasonably) wants it back. They're hell to find, only one place has them in stock and it's in America and they want well more than what is reasonable for shipping IMO.

    So, what are my options? I've got a moderate budget and I'm happy to spend more if it gets me more. I'm not bothered about wireless or wired - I kind of prefer wired tbh...

    I don't do a lot of gaming, but something that can handle it would be good as I play mass effect and MW2 a bit.

    I've looked at the Saitek Cyborg suff, which looks rather nice but has a million features I wouldn't use - and they look like they would be a bitch to clean. But the adjustable weights and sizes appeal to me.

    A lot of folk talk about Razer flatmate has a Razer Naga but I just don't like the shape and feel of it in my hand. And it has those annoying side-by-side thumb buttons.

    So I'm thinking Saitek R.A.T - any suggestions?
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    That Saitek looks pretty badass. I'm a pretty big fan of their products.

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    The Naga definitely took some getting used to, because I came from an MX Revolution, which is imo the best mouse ever made (shame they haven't upgraded it ).

    I looked at the Rat before I bought the Razer, and it's pretty flat. And ugly.

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    I don't care if it's ugly, but the flatness is a good point I hadn't considered. They all look very shallow in the videos I've seen of them getting used.

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    I use a G700 and I love it! Wired or Wireless with a tiny receiver (although not the nano-receiver that'll let you use 8 products at once with one receiver). It feels a lot like the MX Revolution which I'll agree is an amazing mouse, but also has loads more buttons. If you're after weight tuning, and don't mind it being wired, look at the G500, it's wired, weight-adapting brother.


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