PC Edition of BF3 Flops, Amazon Reviews.

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Thread: PC Edition of BF3 Flops, Amazon Reviews.

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    PC Edition of BF3 Flops, Amazon Reviews.

    Holy shit. Here's my favourite so far.

    [VIDEO]http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B004MKM958/ref=cm_cr_pr_hist_1?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&filte rBy=addOneStar]Amazon.co.uk: Customer Reviews: Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition (PC DVD)[/VIDEO]

    Quote Originally Posted by Amazon Review
    BF3 is without doubt the best web page based game ever, the way it lists the game servers in a separate web browser, lets you join them and then tells you your connection has timed out all without ever having to bother the player with the pesky business of actually playing the game is amazing. Their was one moment where unfortunately my computer did switch to some actual in game game play and I was forced to run around and shoot some people but thank god that only lasted 3 and a half minutes before I was back looking at Firefox with a message saying my connection to the server had timed out.

    I did have a dig around on the EA forums to see if anyone else was having their web based browser fun disturbed by minutes of actual in game game play and it seems that quite a lot of people are indeed having to suffer with this issue, but thank god for EA they are doing their best to resolve this issue by providing stone age server support that could be bested by my kitchen toaster, inter mixed with masses of saying nothing and doing nothing to assure or reassure the people who have bought their game that they are on top of the issue and are trying to come up with some way of fixing it.


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    Oh way to go EA

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    And that is 1 of the MANY reasons I did not give E.A my money.
    They need to make BF 1943.
    A remake of the original on a new engine for better graphics, and make it as close as possible to the original.
    But they are not smart enough to do that.
    BLOOD for the BLOOD GOAT!

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    So you install the game, install punkbuster, and install Origin. Okay, sure, everyone wants to use always-on DRM now, price of admission and all that. Punkbuster is fine, aimbots are way worse than a little anti-cheat software. Then this happens:

    Bonus Kübler-Ross sections:

    1. You get an authentication error and can't start the game for a day or two.
    2. You start the game only to go to something that looks suspiciously like a website. It is a website! Awesome, now I don't have to worry about compatibility issues with the menu and server browser requiring giant firewall exceptions.

    3. False alarm, you're not done installing. Go download some always-on DRM. Wait, wasn't that step 0? Yeah, have more. And this stuff will sit enabled in your browser addons list unless you manually disable/enable it every time you want to play. Fine, okay, small price to pay for getting things universal.
    4. Wait a minute, this isn't a menu, it's a wannabe facebook page! With capability to link to your facebook page! I guess marketing wanted a more direct line. Or the guy who programmed the menus quit in a huff after being fun of so much for Bad Company 2's PC interface and server browser.
    4a. Idle wonder which EA executive thought up the "Gun Club" and loved it enough to save it by forcing users to navigate through it to get to their software.
    5. Restart browser, relogin to their website, click single player
    6. Servers are down. What?
    7. Wait a few hours, servers are up. Try again.
    8. Hey, it works! Wait, there are menus in here too! You have to open a menu to a website with a menu to open a menu!
    8a. Get about an hour in and the game locks up. Force quite, restart. Locks in the same spot.

    9. Fine, I didn't need single player anyway! I just want to shoot virtual soldiers while standing on a flag
    10. Login server error.
    11. Uncorrupt DNS hosts file, thanks by the way, and try again.
    12. Play 5 minutes on a server, round ends, map changes, get kicked out for not having punkbuster installed. It is in fact, installed.

    13. Manually download punkbuster updates, a la recommendation. Fails to work.
    14. Delete punkbuster updates, make BF3 re-generate the files. Works! Apparently They updated then rolled back.
    15. Play a round. It's getting late (you spent 6 hours installing, after all!), take a break.
    16. Unrelated beta version of another program crashes out, go to kill the process.
    17. Hey, EA garbage is still running! I thought I closed Origin?

    18. Return game, wait for edition that runs inside of Steam. IE, probably going to skip this one over.

    Final Note: If you wait long enough, the game with be cheap enough with DLC to still cost less than it does now. Karkand isn't even done.

    PS To EA marketing: You do not need every buzzword in every meeting to be forced into a game.

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    Holy shit, apparently Origin, which is required to play even the single-player campaign, really does send your browser history to EA for distribution to whoever-the-fuck they feel like sending it to, according to one of the six EULAs that you need to agree to before playing.

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