Here's a good reason not to buy a WiiU

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Thread: Here's a good reason not to buy a WiiU

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    Here's a good reason not to buy a WiiU


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    I figured a WiiU in itself was enough to warrant not buying one

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    WiiU! The console you wanted 4 years ago! 4 years too late! Now with 100% more aimless waggling!

    ...Actually, the article title is misleading. They don't mention Nintendo "in talks with exclusivity" ...Only that they're in talks to give Nintendo owners access to Origin via the WiiU to download games.

    I don't see how being able to download NEW games directly to a console is a bad thing. Yeah I know Origin is silly stuff, but executed properly, this could be a welcome addition. Wiiware and Virtual Console are pretty sweet, yeah, but I say why the fuck not offer new full games as well?
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    Controller. Sitting.

    Nintendo was really cool when I was 10.

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