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Thread: Obligatory: This post... (Kindle Fire) - pics galore

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    Obligatory: This post... (Kindle Fire) - pics galore

    Is from Silk on my new Kindle Fire.

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    How is it?
    [Leon] 10:03 pm: She can poop on my chest anyday

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    If and when they hit Europe, I want to get hold of one.

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    Alright, here's some bad pics. My camera really hates taking pics of it, because the auto-focus light shits all over the macro function, so bear with me. Comically, it knew that I already had a original Kindle, so it's named "Christopher's 2nd Kindle".

    Most importantly, the first thing I did was go here, and we were the top suggestion once I got this far.

    Here's the App screen. Your basic layout, in a bookshelf. Whoopee doo. All of that stuff was on there when I opened it up.

    Here's the home screen. It rolls in the last books you read, apps you used, magazines, etc.

    The Book screen:

    Here's the reading text. I will NOT be using this to read books on really, for the same reason that I don't use my iPad to read books on. Specifically, because reading on e-Ink on the regular/standard Kindle is a SHITLOAD better than reading on ANY tablet, period. This is too bright. It might work in a completely lit room, but your eyes would start to tear up in lower light in a jiffy. There's no way I'd want to read an entire book like this. Seriously, if you're going to get a Kindle to read books, get a regular one. They are awesome. This is a web browsing/app-playing/movie-watching device. Just like the iPad, the Xoom, etc, etc.

    Here's Silk:

    Tabbed browsing is nice and clean:

    The bookmark screen, much like Safari's Top Sites:


    The Keyboard is just like every other tablet. It is Android, after all. It's a lot more sensitive than my iPad keyboard though - if you drag your fingers off the letters instead of lifting them directly up, it will type both letters. The iPad is a little more forgiving.

    The book catalog:

    The settings dock:

    The system settings. Not much here actually, most of them only have one or two options under it.

    Color book covers/art/etc (I probably could have picked a better example). Again, it's just bright as hell. No thanks.

    What's nice is that the regular Kindle syncs with Amazon as you're reading, so that if you break your device it won't lose your place. I downloaded this book which I (obviously) read on my regular one, and it knew that I was 99% done. I tried it with a few others and it's the same.

    And here's the back. It's rubberized and feels pretty damn rugged.

    What I like: The price, the features, the weight (it's pretty heavy) and the screen. It's nice and high-res and certainly fast enough for me. Amazon Prime's movie selection fucking blows, but if I ever want to watch Twins or any Steven Seagal movies, I guess I have the option.

    What I don't like: So far, only the charging connector. It's on the bottom and micro-usb, just like the kindle. It's convenient, but I'd really like to put this in a dock to charge it rather than plugging a tiny black connector into the tiny black hole in the thin black bottom of the device and laying it down. I'm sure they'll have a dock for it, but it won't be as easy as an iPad dock, where you can just slap the thing in there and it'll settle on the charging poles correctly.

    All in all, so far for $200 I think this is an awesome deal. I really only intend to use it to browse the web and fuck around on. If you're looking for something to read books on, don't get this, don't get an iPad, or a Xoom, or any other backlit tablet. Seriously, get a regular Kindle with e-Ink. They're $99 and they blow everything else away.

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    nice, mine should be here mid next week. will compare with the nook color i already have and then sell whatever i like less.

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    Nice Chris

    I am on the fence as to pick up this, the new nook or wait and see what the Kindle Ice is all about...

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    "Christopher's 2nd Kindle" sounds like a chapter in a tawdry romance novel.

    "Longingly, lustfully, Christopher's gaze met hers. A warmth rose through her chest and caught in her throat, filling the space where words could no longer be found. But words were beyond her, now. She was wholly captivated by his robust musk and soft, tempting words. She broke the gaze, smiling toward the floor, and let it all flow over her.

    "Jesus Christ", he said, voice thick with the night, "that third burrito was a seriously poor decision. You might not want to go in there for a few minutes, and when you do don't you dare move those fucking candles."

    With a bosom heaving in a way she'd never heaved before...."

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