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Thread: New Smartphone Day

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    New Smartphone Day

    I've been wanting to replace my htc desire for some time now. Thought about getting the nexus s last year, but it didn't live up to my expectations. Then the SGS2, didn't like the design. Then the htc sensation, didn't like the display (not being amoled). Then I thought I might as well just wait for the next nexus.
    Boy it was worth the wait.

    So here it is, in my hands, the brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    I'm not going to do a review here, but I got to say some words about the display. It's just beyond anything I could imagine.
    Ultra-crisp and clear, vibrant colors, blacks are actual black, you got to see this display to believe it. Truly amazing. It has a 7201280 resolution over 4,65". To put that in perspective, the ipad 2 has a 768x1024. Did I say it was amazing?

    It was actually smaller than I expected. Probably because I've read everywhere that it's huuuge. It's big alright, but when I lay the desire on top of it you'll see it's not that much bigger, at the same time the display feels hell of a lot bigger. It's obviously magic. I can easily use it with one hand, I do have to kinda lean my thumb over to reach the top, but after getting used to this there's no going back to a smaller display for me ever again, but at the same time I'm glad it isn't any bigger.

    Anyway, very happy with it so far. Very thin and light, makes it feel smaller than the desire in my pocket. I like that the 3,5mm jack is on the bottom. Why does everyone put it on the top anyway? Android 4.0 is great. The camera gets the job done, nothing more. No shutter lag and panoramic etc. is nice features though. Love how it look. Although it's all plastic (I think?), it feels pretty sturdy, and the hyperskin on the back is a nice touch. And the notification light is pretty neat too

    Anyone else here got it/thinking about getting it?

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    So you like the screen? Do you normally mind pentile displays or no? I only have experience with RGBG screens but theyre fucking awful, and thats whats on the nexus if im not mistaken. What are your thoughts on the matter, if you have any?
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    I love the screen!
    Pentile or not, I don't think it matters that much with this high resolution, but it'll be fun to compare it to the SGS3 when that comes out (I think that will have same res without pentile) to see if I can see any difference. I can't tell by looking at it alone, that's for sure.

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    iPhone 4 lyf bro.


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    Just got the Galaxy Nexus myself. Coming from an iPhone 3GS, I'm knocked out by it so far. The screen is awesome, and it's fast.

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    Nice. What do you think of ICS compared to iOS?

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    I ordered one this morning. Should be here by tomorrow. I am so excite!

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    And what phone are you coming from?

    Snapped some comparison pics of my 3 latest phones:

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