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Thread: The Video Game Gripe Thread

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    The Video Game Gripe Thread

    In this topic, we will post things that annoy us about modern gaming mechanics.

    For example:

    - Needing to press a button to pick up bullets for a weapon I'm already carrying. There's never been a single time in any gaming experience of mine that I've been running around with some gun and thought "I'm glad I only have 50% ammo left, I definitely don't want full ammo". If I walk over ammo for a weapon I have, just let it automatically be added to my inventory.

    It's even more maddening when the ammo for said weapon is next to some_other_weapon on the ground that I don't want, that will take it's place in my inventory. For example, if I'm fighting waves of zombies with an M16 with 413 rounds, and I want to pick up another clip to max it out at 500, I will never want to swap it out with the shotgun on the ground next to it with 6 shells in it and no other ammo around.

    Best/nerdiest discussion ever? Go!

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    Cant ever play fallout and call of duty one after the other, besides other differences, the change in sensitivity is maddening. After a month long kick of fallout, i picked up mw3, and couldnt do anything right- played the entire campaign on vet-which sadly still was an 8 hour affair at best- and jumped in multiplayer. It took 24 hours IN GAME to readjust properly.

    TL;DR I want fully adjustable sensitivity.

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    Non-skippable cinematics on games I've already played.

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    When climb, jump, and run are all the same button. If I'm running at a tall wall or fence, I'm never going to want to jump into it and slide back down. Why is it such a pain in the ass to climb over it? Jump jump jump...
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    I fucking HATE that every fucking game needs button mashing sequences a la God of War.

    It's fucking stupid and out of place in so many games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    I fucking HATE that every fucking game needs button mashing sequences a la God of War.

    It's fucking stupid and out of place in so many games.
    Quick-time events (especially when they are tendonitis-inducing and result in instant-death) are fucking idiotic. Either let me watch the fucking cutscene or let me kill the boss.

    Also, the inability to jump on command in many modern action or first-person shooter games. I understand it's to keep you from going outside their narrowly scripted linear levels, but still.
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    The controls in Infamous/2 - I wanted to like this game so much but stopped playing after a couple of hours because the character control sucks ballz

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    Hyper-realism. I am tired of games that attempt to make everything as realistic as possible. Unless it's something I will not get chance to do, I don't have a huge interest in it.

    My favourite games of all time are the games which have little to no realism in them (FF7, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Brutal Legend etc). I play games to do something I can't possibly do in real life, not something that I could do if I got out of my seat and left the fucking house.

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