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    Gaming Laptop?

    Alright, so I'm itching to have a simple laptop pretty much solely for gaming on. My bottom-level iMac, clearly, isn't quite up to the task. I won't be pushing it too hard, as it'll mainly be used for Portal 2, Left4Dead2, and maybe a couple other newer games (mostly through Steam, if I'm honest ) at the most technically taxing. The reason I'd like a laptop is so I can bring it with me places I'm not planning on becoming an uber-gamer, I'd just like to get my iMac a little more cleaned up and focused on what I use it for most, and move some of my more casual entertainment to a separate PC to have my bases covered. This is mostly just an idea I'm tossing around rather than a solid plan, but what do you recommend, and what is the least I'll be looking at spending to not have something I'll hate in a year or less?

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    a lot, gaming laptops aren't cheap, at all.

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    I used to get my computer, and added on to it from there. Mine is a desktop, but for one grand I have:
    -8 gigs ram
    -2 GForce9800GT 1 gig video cards
    - Quadcore 2.8GhZ processor

    They have some good gaming laptops as well, but you will need to know how to spec it, and get ready to pay an extra 150-200 to get windows on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angrychair View Post
    a lot, gaming laptops aren't cheap, at all.
    Not necessarily. I bought a HP DM4 series for €800 a bit over a year ago, and it runs Skyrim, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mass Effect 2 etc. with medium to high settings. I checked that you could get a HP with the corresponding specs right now (newer and better) for under $1000. I bet a laptop for under $1000 could run those games he listed, and most new games even a year from now.

    The DM4 has a 14" screen, so I bet you could get even better specs cheaper if you compromise the portability a bit. Though 17" laptops aren't fun to carry around.

    The most important thing is that it has a proper graphics card. An I5 or I7 Intel processor should do the job.
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    You will pay through the ass for a gaming lap top.
    If you are not going to lan, just build a tower..
    I just grabbed a gtx 560 to replace my gtx 295 that died for under 200 aus.
    Get the i7 chip, and as much ram as you can fit in there.
    On board sound is decent now, no need for a sound card.
    Add a ss drive, and you will have a decent gaming rig that can be upgraded if needed in the future.
    And grab a big widescreen lcd. They are getting cheaper. I scored a 27 inch samsung, and it is fucking awesome to game on.
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    Don't waste your money.

    Gaming Desktop > Gaming Laptop

    By a long long longshot. This is coming from someone who made the mistake of getting a gaming laptop. Unless you *need* it to be portable (which let's face it, you probably don't unless you are a travelling all the time) you are just wasting your money for inferior specs.

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    That and they typically run pretty loudly to cool off all the stuff inside.

    I say this and I have a screaming 1U right next to me that would drown out the loudest of laptops

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    Apparently you guys missed the part where I said I didn't care about maximum performance

    As I said, it really only needs to run smoothly, and I have no plans of playing Skyrim or any other massive RPGs. Really, just has to perform as well as my 2 year old iMac but with a better graphics card and running Windows to cover the games that won't run on a Mac.

    And I want a laptop because I absolutely do plan on taking it places, as I mentioned

    I guess what I'm saying is: what are some reliable laptop brands?

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